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Up / Down Number Arrows

Brent - Thanks for the great program. 

Since this is the feature request section, I'm going to ask: Can you put Up/Down arrows next to numbers in dialog boxes? 

I would like to just press a button to change a dimension, and watch the bike change on screen. I  currently have to re-enter dimensions to have the bike fall within the angles I need for lugs, and using up/down button to change a dimension would make fitting things much easier than entering higher and lower numbers in various boxes. 

Maybe also an option to set the increment of change that an up/down button would produce - Be able to change a dimension by .1mm or by 10mm depending on the setting.


Thanks, Joe


Up / Down Number Arrows

Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider adding that option to a future update of BikeCAD. This functionality already exists in the head angle and seat angle fields, albeit without the choice of what value to increment by.

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