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Modelling chain stays from drawings

Good evening all,

Im pretty much brand new to cycle design and frame building, and having bikecad pro to visualise my idea prior to cutting anything is brilliant. Im finding the software largely very intuitive, but have a pretty noob question all the same.

Im sure theres something glaringly obvious that im missing but it's late and the ol grey matter isnt firing on all cylinders.

When inputting chainstay bend information into bikecad, it seems to require it in terms of radius of bend and deflection from a centreline drawn between the centre of the tube at each end unless I am mistaken?

The technical drawings I have from columbus and deda for their pre-bent stays give the information in terms of radius again but express the amount of bend in terms of degrees.

Is there a direct way of inputting this information or a short way around converting it without having to draw it out on paper to scale, like for example a linear relationship where 0 degrees is 0 deflection, 90 degrees is deflection equal to the radius and in between is in between, though Im anticipating it not being as simple as that?

Thanks in advance


Matching chain stay bends with drawing data

You are correct that you must input tube bend information in terms of the radius, the deflection and the location of the bend measured along the distance between the two ends of the tube. For more info on that, see: bikecad.ca/curved_tubes. However, it may be helpful to know that you can also display the angle of the bend on your drawing. While you cannot directly enter a value for this angle, it is fairly straight forward to get the angle you need by tweaking other dimensions and observing the effect that that those changes have on the angle. There's a discussion of this in the context of seat tube bends at: bikecad.ca/node/38636.

Thanks Brent! Thats a big

Thanks Brent! Thats a big help. will give that a go. 

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