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remove limit on number of notes, currently 10

I am using BikeCAD to model my existing bikes. I am using un-dimensioned notes to record the actual measurements then fiddle around with the BikeCAD dimensions to get the model as close to reality as possible. The limit of 10 notes seems to be an unnecessary limitation.

On screen notes

Thanks for the feedback. I will see what I can do to extend that limit.

On-screen notes

Any progress on this?
It would be great to have more notes. I'm trying to label/describe various braze-ons and other features, and running out of notes.

Limit for on-screen notes

Yes, I have removed the limit for on-screen notes in BikeCAD version 8.5. Now, I just have a few more changes to implement before releasing the new version. Thanks for your interest and patience. Stay tuned...

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