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BikeCAD Pro

Hi - I would like to load BikeCAD Pro on both my desktop and on my laptop - do I need to buy the program twice or can I load it on both without having to buy it a second time? Many thanks, David

BikeCAD Pro license

My long standing policy with BikeCAD Pro has been to charge a one time fee of $350 Canadian for the program. Once you've purchased, BikeCAD Pro you can install it on 2 or 3 of your own (or your shop's) computers. Those computers can be any combination of Mac, PC, or Linux operating systems.

As new versions of the program are released, all owners of BikeCAD Pro receive the new update for free.

I have been content with this policy ever since I began selling BikeCAD Pro, and I have no intention of changing it. However, just so that I'm not legally bound to this arrangement 20 years down the road, the actual license agreement does not actually stipulate such generous terms. This caveat has less to do with future plans for a price hike and more to do with my desire not to have people visiting me at my nursing home in 2070 and asking for a new BikeCAD feature.

Until then, of course, I welcome new feature requests. Let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to having you as a customer.

thank you - this is very

thank you - this is very helpful - I look forward to learning how to use the program once I have it installed! All the Best, David

purchasing your software?

Hi there, my brother, who is based in Munich/ Germany would like to buy your software. Frankly, you website confuses me. I wouldn't know how to purchase anything on here. Could he call somewhere? Is there an email address? Since he doesn't work with a laptop He would also like to know if he can upload the program on his computers: the one at his garage and the one at home. Would be nice to hear from you and you'd do me a huge favor if you could just email me at s2inewsletter@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch! Silvi

Purchasing BikeCAD Pro

I'm glad to hear that your brother is interested in BikeCAD Pro. He may be pleased to know that the program has been translated into German and several other languages. When you install BikeCAD Pro on your computer, BikeCAD Pro will detect the language of your operating system and will default to that language. Once BikeCAD is installed, you can also manually change the language to something other than the language of your operating system. When purchasing BikeCAD Pro you do not need to request a specific language version. The default program comes with the different language options included.

You can purchase BikeCAD Pro using Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. Once you've placed your order, you can download it immediately. Since the whole program is under 30MB in size, it is fairly easy to download. It is not a problem for your brother to install the program on both the computer in his garage and the one in his home. If the computer in the garage does not have an Internet connection, the installation file can be copied to a CD, or a USB thumb drive.

I have sent you an e-mail with my phone number so that I can answer any further questions that you may have.

I am thinking of getting

I am thinking of getting BikeCAD Pro. Can you please let me know how big is the file now after all the updates are applied? 

BikeCAD Pro file size

It would be great to have you as a customer.  The current file size for BikeCAD Pro is: 14.0 MB for the Linux version, 14.6 MB for the PC version and 26.0 MB for the Mac version.  Because the file size is relatively small, as new versions of the program are released, I do not distribute patches or anything to be tacked on to the old program.  Instead, I distribute new copies of the entire program.  This means you can have the current version installed along with any older versions you'd like to hold on to.  Having said that, I generally don't feel there's any need to leave old versions installed.  The latest version of BikeCAD will always be able to open designs from older versions.  For info on transferring preferences from older versions of BikeCAD, see: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro.

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