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Standover to the top of mixte seat stays

I am designing a bike with seat stays that attach at the head tube. The program is giving me a standover to the top of the top tube, but this is below the seat stays. Is there any way to get a measurement to the highest point on the frame, i.e., to the top of the seat stays?

Standover height on a mixte

If you've designed your mixte as described at: bikecad.ca/mixte, then your design won't actually have a top tube. Yet, BikeCAD will still display the standover dimension as though the top tube were there. This is a behaviour I may have to change in the future. However, if I were to change things so that in the absense of a top tube, standover height is measured to some other reference point, I imagine there may be some disagreement on what that re'ference point should be. For now, I think the best solution is to create your own user dimension to show the standover height according to your own definition of it. User dimensions are described at: bikecad.ca/user_dimensions. You'll want to use the Linear dimension (Y) option.

User dimension

The linear dimension is perfect! Thanks for your help.

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