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My Chain Broke!

Hi all,

In my design, http://www.bikecad.ca/1459607072404, if I select one of these drivetrain gear combos:

Chainring 1, Cog 7
Chainring 2, Cog 2
Chainring 2, Cog 8

...my chain snaps!  Seemingly only in these gears with no extra links.  If I put in an extra link, different gear combos snap the chain.  Easiest to see if you choose not to display the crank.  Wierd.  Can anyone suggest why this might be?

Thank you very much for free bikeCAD, I love it.

Best, Benjamin


My Chain Broke!

per above, a pic

Chain links

Thanks for the heads-up about that link count issue. It turns out in those cases you've identified, the final link in the chain isn't being rendered. I've corrected this in the next update.

Chain Links

Thanks Brent, and apologies for late reply.


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