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Different rim and tyre colours front and rear wheel?

Is there a way to apply different colour to the front wheel and the rear wheel.

And the front and rear tyre as well?


Different rim and tire colors in front and rear

It is currently not an option to show a different color in the front rim or tire than the back rim or tire. Thank you for the suggestion though. I will consider this for a future update.

Ok thanks for the reply.

Ok thanks for the reply.

For anyone interested I found a workaround for this issue, or at least for the rim. I applied a large text on the rim with a big font size and big line thickness on one of the rims. This coloured the complete rim. ;-)

Doesn't work for the tire though since I didn't find how to place text on the tire.

Anyway love working with BikeCAD! Great job!

Different rim colours front and back

That's a very creative solution you've come up with. Thanks for the workaround and the kind words about BikeCAD.

Sorry to resurrect an old

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I seem to have the opposite problem.  On some BCAD files, my wheels show up with the back one grayed out and the front normal.  I cycle through the wheel dialog 'views' and they work the same in all file.  However, I have 2 or 3 designs where the wheels aren't the same color. I'm sure it's just some setting somewhere but I can't find it.  Thanks!

Wheel display

Are you displaying the auxiliary views of the stays? When the auxiliary views are shown, you can toggle through the option to show the rear wheel in either full colour, wireframe or not at all. If this doesn't explain your situation, I'd be curious to have a look at the BCAD files in question.

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