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My Designs Organization.


I was wondering if there was any option where you can change the order of designs on the my designs page.


Order of designs in My Designs section

Currently, no. Your designs are listed in the order you created them with the most recent shown first. This could potentially be changed in the future. How would you like to see your designs arranged?

I was thinking of something

I was thinking of something where if you had several models, you organize them by model and size of the model or something of that type. Or you could do something where you can click the edit profile button and when it opens up, you can move the bikes around kind of like what you would do to organize apps on an iPod.

Organizing your designs

I've just added filters to the My Designs section. You can use these to search your designs by production type, style, materials, brand, model year, as well as stack and reach.

Thank you so much! It saves a

Thank you so much! It saves a lot of time with organization! Really appreciate it!

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