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Font / Logo Dialog box


The box that contains the font option doesn't seems to appear or open anywhere.

I have watched and read your tutorial several times but nothing comes up when I check the boxes that should launch the font/logo text option.

Any hints?

I have the 12.5 version installed on a MacBook Pro 2016 version

Font / Logo Dialog box

You speak of checking boxes. To clarify the terminology I use, the red arrow on the left in the dialog box below points to the checkbox that enables the first of two available logos for the down tube. As long as this checkbox is checked, the button labeled "1" should be enabled. It is this button, not the checkbox, that launches the Logo dialog box. If you are clicking this button and no dialog box appears, let me know if this issue is isolated to one Logo dialog box or all 22 of them.

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

It worked like a charm once I did click on the correct button.

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