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I'm just making my template for fitting and it would be nice to add fields in either the notes or title block. For example, I would like to add pedals, handlebar width/brand/model/angle, saddle brand/model/angle, crank length/type. 

This would leave me with the clients dimensions and all the relevant data I need at a glance when address etc is inputed. Just an idea. My apologies if this has been mentioned before. 



Extra fields in the title block

Thanks for letting me know of your interest in this. Others have proposed this as well, so I should plan to add this to a future update. In BikeCAD version 12.0, I added the option to display frame number, brand, model, size and model year to the title block. However, in the future, when I add more fields to the title block, I don't think I ought to attempt to pick out certain ones to add, as I did in version 12.0, but rather come up with a mechanism whereby a builder could choose to display any of the specifications already defined within BikeCAD. I could maybe do this by adding a column of checkboxes in the interface used to select which dimensions are output in the CSV file. In the meantime, I trust people are aware that they can display any extra details they like in the title block as I've illustrated below. The thing that is currently lacking is the ability to pull this information from where it is already specified within the BikeCAD model.

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