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Wheels and Frame stuff

I know I've told you guys up and asked about this, but here we go again. I still need to find out how to turn off the wheels on the horizontal display. It also would be neat if I could turn off the display that shows the wheels on the vertical display or even totally turn off the vertical display I'm also interested in looking at a real sized (100%) image  in being able to print that out so I can match it to my tubes on my frame Jig.

Controlling the display of components

Turning on and off the display of the wheels is discussed at: bikecad.ca/display_dialog_box

Turning on and off the auxiliary views of the stays and optionally turning on and off the display of the wheel in those views is discussed at: bikecad.ca/stays_auxiliary_view

For another way to quickly hide components, see: bikecad.ca/ease_of_use_improvements_version_10

By default, PDFs exported from BikeCAD are full scale. For tips on ensuring that that PDF is an appropriate size for printing onto a 36" roll, see bikecad.ca/fitting_the_titleblock

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