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Keyboard shortcuts


I've had a quick look around and cannot find a list of keyboard shortcuts.  (I'm using BikeCAD Pro 12.5)

If these don't exist already, these would be very helpful/useful.

Top of mind for me include:

  • Save
  • Toggle dimensions on/off
  • Lock/unlock frame

If these do exist, where can I find a list?

Thanks in advance and thanks for such a great product.



Keyboard shortcuts

There already are a few keyboard shortcuts. However, I will admit, they are not as comprehensive as you might like.

In the screen capture below, notice how the letter F in File is underlined as is the letter V in View and H in Help.

Clicking Alt-F will expand the File menu. Once the file menu is expanded as shown above, clicking Alt-S will save the design. Notice also that in the menu option Export PDF, it is the F in PDF that is underlined. Therefore, the shortcut to export a PDF from BikeCAD Pro is Alt-F, Alt-F. To exit from BikeCAD, click Alt-F, Alt-X. I regret that because the menu options I've described are not top level menus, you need to use two keyboard shortcuts to reach them. I also regret that there currently is not a keyboard shortcut for options like Toggling dimensions or Lock frame. I will keep this in mind for a future update.

Keyboard shortcuts

Thanks, Brent.  Much appreciated!

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