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Printing full scale drawings

Hi Brent,

I imagine it is possible to print a full size (1:1 scale) drawing from BikeCADPro? Is there anything special that needs to be done or do you just export it in whatever format the printer needs (SVG?) and ask them to print full size?



Printing full scale drawings

Yes, you can print a full size (1:1 scale) drawing from BikeCAD Pro. I recommend exporting a PDF and printing that. There are some notes about doing this here.

Full scale drawing PDF - line thickness

I used the full size printing feature with the PDF export in BikeCAD Pro. The drawing resulting lines are rather thick.
Is there a way to change the thickness of the lines of the PDF output ? Or do I need to use the SVG export and change the line thickness in Inkscape or AutoCAD ?

In advance, thanks for your answer.

Changing line thickness

You can change the line thickness of your drawing before generating a PDF. This is done in the Paint dialog box as described here: www.bikecad.ca/outline_thickness.

On another note, this functionality was first added in Version 7.1. It is my intention to provide free updates of BikeCAD Pro to all owners of the program. If you purchased BikeCAD Pro before the advent of the new BikeCAD.ca website, please drop me a line by e-mail and let me know your userid on the new site. I will grant you access to download the latest version of BikeCAD Pro.

Can I Print from BikeCad ?

Hi Brent,

BikeCad Pro is an awesome product. Thanks ! I need to do a tandem, and I understand I can't do that (at least not yet) in Pro. If I do it in BikeCad, is there a way to generate and print a full-size drawing ?

Thanks, Alex

Tandem drawings

I trust it is understood from everything that has already been said in this thread that you can print full scale drawings from BikeCAD Pro. The free version of BikeCAD does not have a print option. I assume you are actually inquiring about printing drawings from TandemCAD. Unfortunately, TandemCAD does not have a print option either. I do hope to integrate a tandem option into BikeCAD Pro. When I do that, you will be able to print tandem drawings just as you can print drawings for single bikes.




You are correct in all of your assumptions. Sorry to be ambiguous ! OK, sounds like it's literally "back to the (large) drawing board" for tandem drawings - at least for now. Looking forward to the tandem release for BikeCad Pro.

Thanks - Alex

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