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Elevated chain stay issue


The User guide videos were super helpful for learning how the curving functionality works, as was the offset video. Thank you for those!

However, I'm running into an issue while trying out an elevated chainstay design. I can't quite get the chainstay and seattube to join up/miter correctly. See picture.

Here are my numbers:

Chainstay length: 415mm

 I watched the video on

 I watched the video on Problematic Curves and tried reducing the radius from 500mm to 400mm. It got rid of the "artifact" lines extending past the tube, but there is still a square end instead of a mitered joint:

I tried messing with the chainstay length but this doesn't seem to help.



Elevated chainstays

Currently, BikeCAD assumes that chain stays will attach to the BB shell. It does provide the option to offset the stays but if the offset is so great that the stays no longer contact the BB shell, then the ends are simply cut squarely as they have been in your model. If you do wish to attach your chain stays to the seat tube, you can instead represent them by adding a second set of seat stays. I've done this to your model and posted it at: bikecad.ca/1484373961285.

Thanks Brent!

Thanks Brent!

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