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Cutting Bent Down Tube 29ER

Hi, i am using a columbus zona bent down tube on a 29er build, with BikeCad 9.16 (i cant uodate to the newest version because we only have 9.16 at school, i attend Adams Grammar)

I am trying to work out how far in i need to place my template at the head tube end of the down tube, because if i just cut it off the straight line length the angle will not be correct. It is hard to use the A measurement for this because it is measured to the theoretical centre of the curve which is difficult to pinpoint in real life.



Ben Turner

Adams Grammar School

"straight line length the

"straight line length the angle will not be correct"

Reading back this does not make much sense, i should add that I am referring to the angle of the miter where the down tube meets the seat tube.

Applying miter templates

First of all, I would recommend updating to the latest version which is BikeCAD version 13. All owners of BikeCAD Pro are entitled to login to their accounts on BikeCAD.ca and download the latest version whenever needed.

A lot of the dimensions associated with this tube are going to be tricky to measure. However, I would recommend using a number of User dimensions which you can create as described at: bikecad.ca/user_dimensions. The more dimensions you take and measure, the more confident you'll be that you've narrowed in on the correct geometry. If you wish to measure from the tangent edges of your bends, you can identify these locations in your BikeCAD model by turning on the problem curves checker as described at: bikecad.ca/problem_curves.

I cant update because it

I cant update because it wasnt purchased on an account by me, it was purchased from the school.

I will have a look at those links, thanks.

BikeCAD on school computers

My point was that you should speak to your teacher about getting the latest version of BikeCAD put on the school computers.

29er Down Tube

Hi brent, would it be possible for you to help me model the down tube into BikeCad as i have really been struggling. I am not responsible for putting BikeCad on the school computers and also updating the software. It would be great if it were possible for you to help me work out the measurements bikecad requires ie the A and B measurements. The down tube is a zona 29er mountain bike down tube in 38mm diameter. It can be found on page 24 of the following document.


Thanks in advance, 


Ben Turner

29er down tube

I've added a Zona down tube to a random 29er design as you can see at: bikecad.ca/1488527137023. This was done in version 13.0. I hope you will speak to your teacher about updating the school computers.

29er Down Tube

Hi Brent, thanks very much.

I will speak to Mr Jones today.

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