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PC specification

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get a laptop to use almost exclusively for BikeCAD pro and was wondering if anyone knows what the best specs a PC should have for it to run properly are?


Thanks very much

PC Specs

By best specs, I wonder if you mean minimum specs. As with any software, BikeCAD Pro will run best with lots of RAM and a high end video card. However, BikeCAD Pro is such a light weight application you can definitely get by with very little. Although BikeCAD will run on earlier Windows operating systems, I would suggest using a computer running at least Windows 7. If the computer is powerful enough to run the operating system, it should also run BikeCAD Pro.

If you opt for a Mac instead of a PC, I would recommend one that is running at least Mac OS 10.7.5. There are two versions of BikeCAD Pro for Macs. One for Mac OS's older than 10.7.5 and one for 10.7.5 and newer. The version for older Macs requires that Java be installed on the system.

Although BikeCAD does not generally tax a computer's hardware very much, I should warn of one scenario where it does. Displaying the chain or the rear derailleur will usually cause a noticeable slow down in performance. I would only suggest displaying the chain or derailleur when doing work that specifically relates to the drivetrain or when the model is complete and you want to generate a PDF to show the finished design.

That's great. Thanks very

That's great. Thanks very much.

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