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Bike Cad LITE

Hello everyone

I am a linux user and the need for Java is a dealbreaker for me . I am computer literate but not prepared to add PPAs and install software that is not from the ubuntu repository , so my queation is in two parts really :

1 / Is there a timescale for getting a web based version of BIkeCad to run without Java?

2 / Are there any plans to release a "Lite" Version of BikeCad for say , $50- $100 ? 


Please accept my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on this board .


Warmest Regards



BikeCAD Lite

The Mac and PC versions of BikeCAD Pro are bundled as self-contained application packages and therefore do not require Java. If I did the same for the Linux version, would that be acceptable to you? I'm guessing maybe not, since the result would still be considered a Personal Package Archive?

As for the web based version that will run without a Java plugin, below is a screen capture of a sample bike from the Design Archive and below that, the same bike rendered in a browser without Java. As you can see, there are a few components I have yet to account for, but I'm making progress. This new version will launch more quickly than the existing free version that takes some time for the Java applet to deploy. However, while subsequent changes to a model can be done very quickly in the applet version, when changes are made in the non-applet version it takes a long time to render the new design. Another thing I'll look to improve over time.

As for the idea of BikeCAD Lite, what I'm more inclined to do is offer the full functionality of BikeCAD Pro at a cheaper price for casual users who can present a convincing argument for why they cannot justify such an investment. For cases like this, I can provide coupon codes. I hope my willingness to do this does not upset too many of the people who have paid full price for the program. I definitely appreciate all those who have purchased BikeCAD Pro. It is thanks to you that I can continue to develop new features and make the program even more powerful in the future.

Many Thanks for your gracious

Many Thanks for your gracious and prompt reply !  A trusted PPA is no problem I have several installed in the ubuntu software updater . The big hassle is Java , I suspect that with the arrival of Windows 10S which only allows thee edge browser will be the final nail in Javas coffin .  My requiremnets for the program are very simple , I am looking for a custom ( ish ) tourer / trial bike that can be ridden comfortably . My current Mountain Bike , an old Trek 8000 is long in the tooth now and just a little too short .

Bike Cad caught my eye as it seems to offer a way to Draw excactly what I want without spending 6 months learning how to use a CAD program . Speaking as someone who is involved in IT customer support , I cant see how you can offer the Full version cheaper without having some uncomfortable conversations with existing users. The commercial users of this program have paid good hard earened cash for a tool for their business.


Warmest Regards



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