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Adjusting Aerobars height

1. The only way I have figured out on how to raise both the aeropads and extensions at the same time to a TT bike is to change the stem angle. But many super bikes allow riders to add spacers to below the proprietary stem head, in effect raising the entire aerobar complex without changing the stem angle (which for many of the TT bikes you cannot do).  I tried adding spacers to below the head set but it had no effect on the height of the aerobars.  I know how to raise the aeropads independently but the extensions stay where they are which is not what I am trying to depict.


2. How can I add custom color designs and adjust the tube shapes to a bike that will mimmic the look of a particular commercial brand pretty close.


Any references to video or instructions would be great. I went thru the list but could not find help in these areas.


Thanks and Cheers,


Adjusting aerobars

The pads of the aerobars can be raised and lowered using dimension Py. The front end of the aerobars can be raised and lowered with dimension Hy. The H is meant to refer to hand position. What you may not like about this is the back end of the aerobars always starts at the handlebars. You currently do not have the option to show the aerobars sliding up and down as a unit. The aerobar input fields were setup at a time when I was trying not to overwhelm users with too many input fields. I felt that establishing the pad position and the hand position were the two critical details and I chose not to collect too many other details which I considered more cosmetic. In the future, I will look to add additional input fields to better document the diverse configurations in which aerobars are used today.

The most flexible tool for representing paint schemes is the freehand drawing tool described at: bikecad.ca/freehand. As for matching tube shapes it's worth checking out the following videos:





Thanks Brent. It would be

Thanks Brent. It would be good to be able to raise the aerobars as a whole unit, it just looks better when you send the final bike set-up file to clients. Having the extensions rotated up like a rocket on a take off ramp does not look very realistic.


Thanks for your help anyway.

To second that..

More aerobar options would really help! Thanks.

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