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Flat-Mount Calipers Standards


i whould want to design disk brakes with FLAT_MOUNT calipers but there was nothing about flat-mount calipers standards in Brakes menu,

im interested to know what is the standards of a flat-mount caliper like a post-mount one  ,or will this option add to bikecad in future?

Flat mount disc brakes

Some of the dropouts available as static drawings include flat mounts. These dropouts include: DR2070, DR2071, DR2074, DR2075, DR2085, DR2086. For more on dropouts as static drawings, see: bikecad.ca/dropouts_from_static_drawings.

You may not be using any of these dropouts. However, if you select one of them and then switch the dropout menu from "Define by static drawings" to "Define by parameters", BikeCAD will apply all of the specs related to the flat mounts to a new parametrically defined dropout. You can then convert the dimensions for the dropout to better reflect your actual dropout. If you change the Cx dimension to something smaller, then the flat mounts will be attached to the chain stays and not to the dropouts. Remember, you can also change the Angle 1 dimension in the disc brake dialog box to shift the angle at which the flat mounts are positioned.

Great, Thank you

Great, Thank you

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