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Program stalls

Hey Folks,


I ran into an interesting issue when mocking up a balance bike. 


1. BB is set to 0/0

2. DT offset is 20mm

3. I'm trying to match the DT/ST offset at the CS.


In the CS pallet I try to adjust the value for E. I can adjust the number but nothing previews + I cannot do anything else (e.g. zoom in/out, change variables in other paletts, etc). However, if I change the CS to a wishbone then I can adjust the number + everything works as normal. 

Any thoughts as to how to make the offset work on CS w/out using a wishbone? Or maybe I'm going about this all wrong?



Balance bike

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is my goal to make BikeCAD so robust, you can input any combination of dimensions, and nothing will cause the program to choke. Apparently, you've stumbled on something I might not have accounted for. If you could e-mail me your BCAD file, I'll be better able to diagnose what is going on and hopefully account for that scenario in the next update.

Thanks Brent!

Thanks Brent!

BB diameter

Thanks for sending me your file. This model has revealed that the combination of a non-zero chain stay offset at the BB and a BB shell with a diameter of zero results in geometry that BikeCAD doesn't account for. As unusual as this combination of dimensions is I will still try to ensure that it does not result in errors in the next update.

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