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Seat Stay/Set Tub intersection.

Hi all,

I am probably missing something, but I would like to increase dimension F in the seat stays window to achieve a nicer bend profile to the stays.

However, the label appears greyed out and I can't see any means of defining this dimension.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this has been dicussed somewhere previously.


Seat stay attachment point

Dimension F is the distance from the end of the seat stay to the centerline of the seat tube measured perpendicular to the seat tube. Describing it in words like this is cumbersome. I'd rather just show the dimension in a diagram as you see above. BikeCAD does not however allow you to input this value. Instead this dimension is driven by dimension Z. Notice how dimension F changes when Z is made larger or smaller.

Dimension F was included in the diagram because this dimension can be shown with a checkbox in the Dimensions dialog box. It was greyed out, however, because you cannot directly change its value.

Seat stay attachment point

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