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Seatpost clamp

Hi Brent

Any chance you can add a seatpost clamp option?
While not "structurally important", on many bikes it is colour matched to other components.


Seatpost clamp

A seatpost clamp is a great idea. I will plan to include that in the next update along with a braze-on for a seatpost binder bolt.

Stay tuned...

The inner diameter of the

The inner diameter of the Seatpost Clamp follows the diameter of the Seatpost.
I think the inner diameter of the Seatpost Clamp should follow the diameter of the Seat tube.

When I make the Seattube invisible (exclude the tube from the design), the Seatpost Clamp disappears.
Why ?

Seatpost clamp

I've tried to replicate this scenario but I have not been able to do it. Right off the bat, there is no option to exlude the seat tube. You can make it discontinuous, but I have not found that to have any impact on the saddle clamp. Could you please send me a BCAD file containing an example of this issue?

 Seatpost clamp

I have assumed I do not have to adjust values for A. B and X, when choosing another Seat tube diameter.
Because the Seat post diameter is not a parameter in the Seat post clamp window.



Seatpost clamp specs

I agree that if you make a dramatic change to the seatpost diameter, it would be nice to have the seatpost clamp specs parametrically linked to the seat tube diameter. However, it was a deliberate choice to set things up the way I did. Some will design a single clamp and then bore it out to a few different internal diameters. Alternatively, some clamps are sold with inserts so the same clamp can be used with different seat tube diameters. An example is below.

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