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Mixte Seat-stays Aux View

Hey Folks,

It looks like the NDS drop-out is not in the right place when I turn on the Aux View for CS/SS. And when i turn on the tire two appear. The CS are symmetric. Not sure what else I should be looking at.


Auxiliary view of stays in mixte frame

When you choose Symmetric (Double) for seat stays. BikeCAD will display the drive side stay for one of the seat stay pairs and the non-drive side stay for the other pair of stays. The thinking in setting this up was that each pair of stays is symmetric, so it could be considered redundant to show both sides of each pair of stays and you'll get a less cluttered display if you only show one of each pair.

In your case, one pair of stays is connected to the seat tube, while the other pair of stays is connected to the head tube. Each of these stays in projected from a different plane. This is why you're seeing two tires at different angles in your auxiliary views. You can adjust the offsets of each of these views using the slider bars in the Stays (auxiliary view) dialog box.



Thanks. I dunno how I missed that.

I appreciate the quick feedback.

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