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Accessing Standover height on BikeCAD Free

Hi guys, I'm new here. My question is regarding standover height...

I see that if I plug in my standover height, there is a handy algorithm that allows me to adjust the top tube angle to accomodate my standover height.


My question is how much buffer space is allowed in this algorithm?  This is because my actual physical standover height should not be used directly for frame geometry - ideally the mid-point of the top-tube should be a couple inches below my pubic bone. Is this the case? What is the exact buffer measurement provided between my actual standover height and what the frame top tube allows. I'd like to see this graphically represented on my bike detail, how do I do this?

Standover height in free version

I'm not sure what algorithm you are referring to. In BikeCAD Pro, you can show the standover height as displayed below.

Standover height

As you can see, the standover height is taken at the top edge of the top tube. Therefore, it is up to you to add as much clearance above that point as you deem necessary. Because it is my hope that people will buy BikeCAD Pro to obtain added features such as standover height, I should leave my explanation at that. However, I will also point out that although the free version of BikeCAD has limited access to the Fit advisor, one dimension you can set in the fit advisor is inseam (Dimension C). You can also show inseam on the screen. It's available in the Rider tab in the Dimensions dialog box. You can therefore use the inseam dimension to gauge how much clearance you have above your top tube.

Brent, thanks for the quick

Brent, thanks for the quick reply, and for getting to the heart of my query. Now for more designing!

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