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Seat stays to top tube

Hi, I am trying to get a template to mitre the seat stays into the top tube, when I configure the seats stays this way they don't seem long enough and cut sgort in a square edge rather that blend along the top tube. Am I missing something?


Thanks for any help



Seat stays to top tube

Could you e-mail me the BCAD file for your design? I'm not sure what might be going on. One thing I can mention is that if a top tube is so wide that it doesn't fully intersect the head tube, BikeCAD will truncate the top tube at the centerline of the head tube. This is illustrated below.

tt ht miter profile

Because seat stays can approach the top tube from the side, they are allowed to extend beyond the centerline of the top tube, but the stays can still be truncated in a similar way when BikeCAD doesn't see the stay fully intersecting the connecting tube.

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