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Showing Aerobars and Handlebars in Report

Is there a way to include a view of aerobars/handlebars and their corresponding measures in a report/pdf export along with the bike and its dimensions?

Searched the glossary and forum but could not find anything on it.




Showing top view of the aerobars and handlebars in report

Currently, this is not possible. Although, you can use an on-screen note to document such information. Also, while this is by no means an elegant alternative, technically, you could also draw a handlebar using the freehand tool and dimension it with a user dimension. I will consider adding this to a future update.

Thanks Brent.  I am a bike

Thanks Brent.  I am a bike fitter and not a designer. I use your software to show clients how to set-up their bikes and try to keep the diaghrams as simple and visually appealing. SO having this feature would allow less clutter on the bike design since I would be able to shift some of the measures to the handlebars/aerobars (like width and extension length).  Also would be good to have a legend so that measures that appear on the bike design could be described in a legend that sits in the corner of the page. I currently use the text version that inserrts a description at the site. But this requires me to create a separate page and some of the descriptions are so long they don't fit nicely in the bike measure area. Just some helpful feedback. I think your software is amazing.


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