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Presets + templates gone with 13.5 upgrade


Upgraded to 13.5 this morning. I noticed that I cannot find the previous templates + custom components (e.g. handlebars) I added while using v13 (Prior to v13 I didn't really have a need to saving customized stuff). 

It looks like I can drag the files I need from BikeCAD_13.0_configuration into BikeCAD_13.5_configuration but is there an easier (or automatic) way to do this? 


Thanks for your continued development + support!

Importing preferences into new version

I'm not sure if you figured that out on your own or if you watched the video at: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro. However, there is currently no more automated way to go about it. One thing to note about standard components that you may have added to the various component libraries-- If you don't bother copying all your standard parts over from the previous version of BikeCAD, that's not necessarily a problem. If you open a bike design that uses one of these standard components that is not yet in the new library. BikeCAD will recognize this and will ask if you want the standard component to be added to your new library. All you have to do is click "Yes" and the standard component will be added to your library. If you choose "No", the geometry of that part will be brought in, but it will appear as a custom part rather than a standard part.


Thanks for always replying so

Thanks for always replying so quickly!




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