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Suggestion for one time user.

BikeCad is a terrific program and certainly if I was using it for business I wouldn't think twice about purchasing BikeCad Pro. I just want to design a bike for myself. In order to proportion everything properly I need the rider display which is not available in the free version. My geometry is unusual so trying to work by measurements alone is too time consuming and prone to error. My suggestion is to implement a means to purchase BikeCad Pro on a per design basis. One way could be to disable the generation of any type of output. Encrypt the saved design which could only be opened on the host computer. Then the designer could upload the encrypted file to your website and purchase the desired output be it a photo or an unencrypted file to be sent out for fabrication. As an added incentive you could offer users an unrestricted licence once they have purchased output equal to the purchase price of the software. I’m not willing to pay the price of BikeCad Pro for a one time use. The above is something I definitely would be willing to pay for – and I’m probably not alone.


One time use

Thanks for the kind words and for the suggestion. I will consider implementing that, in the meantime, a simpler option for me is to offer discounts to people in special situations such as yourself. I'll be in touch to see if we can work something out.

I'd be really interested in

I'd be really interested in pay per play kind of model too. I love the tool but cant justify the expense for what might be a one off.

I'd be interested too

I was thinking about a single use option too. I'd like to augment my fitting session with the ability to see how changes will look before and after. Would like to be able to do this on a couple of bikes (road, mountain and new). Thanks for considering.

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