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Dual Monitor Issue (I think)

Hey Brent + Co.

I'm using Bike CAD (13.5 on OSX). I'm running into strange behaviors when trying to use a dual monitor set-up.

1. "Constrain to single monitor" UNCHECKED
Open up any dimensions window.
Move dimensions window to my 2nd monitor.
Click on bike drawing (primary monitor)
Click back on dimensions.
Dimensions window flips back to my primary monitor.

2. "Constrain to single monitor" CHECKED
Move primary dimensions to my 2nd monitor.
Open up another dimensions window.
Both primary dimensions + new dimensions window flip back to my first monitor.

I can provide video if you need it.

Dual Monitor on Mac

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just tried this out on a Mac and I get the same thing. It appears that the Constrain to single monitor checkbox is doing what I intended it to do which is to ensure that when you open a given dialog box, it opens up in your main monitor. This extra behaviour where the dialog boxes just don't stay put in the second monitor seems to be independant of the Constrain to single monitor checkbox. I will have to investigate this more to understand how I can fix it. Fortunately, this is not an issue on PCs.

Thanks for looking into this

Thanks for looking into this + for your continued support!

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