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Title Block - User Image and Builder Info Issues

User images will not upload - keep getting a Java error/image not found message regardless of the pic's location.

Builder info will not save, regardless of method of restarting BikeCad Pro 8.1 after entering info on Start-up Customise menu.

If these issues are better dealt with offline, please send me a PM.



Title block image

I have recently learned that if there are issues adding an image to your title block, BikeCAD will display the error message "Image not found". It does this even if finding the image is not the actual problem.

I have corrected this issue in the next version of BikeCAD Pro which unfortunately is not ready yet, but should be in the next few weeks. Because it does not appear that finding the file is the problem, there are two other possible issues I can imagine. First, the image file you select must be a gif, jpg, bmp, or png file. Any other file will result in an error. Secondly, it is possible to use an image file that is simply too large. A large image can exhaust the available memory causing an error. Some sample images are shown here. If you select an image that is in the range of the two sample images linked above, you should be okay.

As for the builder info, I cannot imagine a reason for that info not to save, unless you are attempting to upload a title block image at the same time. In this case, the failure to save the builder info would be a consequence of the failure with the image upload.

Please let me know if this does not help.

sorry it's taken me so long

sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but i've tried all of the above without success. image will not upload regardless of size (i've tried every accepted file extension on small icons) and the builder information will not save. i enter all, hit "save changes".....says i need to restart BikeCAD...do so....everything is as it was. for that matter, i've also noticed that it does NOT save my display box configurations either. no problem with saving edits i've done to the actual bikes, but edits to the opening page, default bike, etc, will not take. i'd certainly be willing to do whatever....reinstall BikeCAD, do some IM or Skype with you, phone call, just let me know, please.

thanks again.

Title block image

This does sound strange. I have to think that there's something going on that is peculiar to your setup. Let's move this discussion to e-mail or phone. Could you start by e-mailing me the image file you're trying to use in your title block?

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