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Mid drive motors conversion kit

Mid drive motor conversion kits like Pendix, Binova, BestBikeebike use motors with a huge diameter.
I have measured the size of a 56T chainring.
According to their marketing language these motors will fit almost every bike.

These motors always have the driving chain in a narrow space between the frame and the motor.
On a tandem the synchronizing chain must also have its place in this narrow space
I would like to make these motors visible in BikeCad

I have tried with a very thick chain ring.
But did not find the result satisfying.



Mid drive motors

Thanks for letting me know of your interest in those mid drive motors. I will investigate adding them and will welcome any assistance I can get in obtaining technical drawings for them. In other mid drive motor news, I'm currently working to add Bosch motors and hope to have them ready for the next update.

These motors are a challenge

These motors are a challenge for us designers.
Because these motors come with a huge Q-factor.
In order to reduce this Q-factor the designer must take great pain to get an acceptable tire clearance by fiddling chainstay dimensions.

This brings me to my next request:
Is it possible to add the dimension Tire Clearance between Chainstays and the Tire in the Stays (auxiliary view) /General Dimensions window?

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