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How to change the size of the Open and Save dialog boxes

Hi Brent,

that's something that has annoyed me already for a long time but at some point enough is enough ;-))). Is there any way how I can change the size of the dialog boxes that appear when opening or saving a file or saving a file as a PDF. I would like them to be much bigger so each time I change their size and the view to the list with details view but the next time that box opens it has the small original size and sorting. 

I've searched the forum and the FAQs (maybe not thoroughly enough) and I wonder why no one has ever posted that question before.



Size of Save and Open dialog boxes

Thanks for the feedback. The Save and Open dialog boxes are programmed a little differently than the rest of the dialog boxes. As a result, the sizes of these dialogs have not been getting saved. However, I have just implemented your suggestion in the next update of BikeCAD. I'm hoping to make this available soon.

Thank you, Brent. Much

Thank you, Brent. Much appreciated.


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