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Handlebar backsweep in degrees AND mm

When I want to know the impact on Rider position of Handlebar backsweep, I have to adjust value A in the handlebar dimension Dialogue box.
A is measured in mm.
But Handlebar manufacturers always express backsweep in degrees.

Now I have to do some math outside BikeCad to convert Backsweep degrees into A mm.
Though it is not very difficult to convert degrees into radians, and multiply TAN (backsweep) with half the width of the handlebar, I think life would be easier if that calculation could be done within BikeCad

Especially when you have to find a mean between Stem drop, Head tube length, Stem length, Handlebar drop, Toe clearance, etc

Handlebar backsweep

Thanks for the feedback. This has been a popular request, so I will have to address it soon. In the meantime, remember that when flatbars are angled back, the bend is usually some distance out from the center of the handlebar. Therefore, when calculating backsweep, you're not going to want to use half the handlebar width, but rather half the handlebar width, minus half the length of the straight section in the middle of the bar.

The main reason I've been dragging my feet on this is when you get into modeling all the angles on a riser bar, there doesn't seem to be an industry standard for defining all those kinks and bends. In my mind, a simple X and Y to locate the ends of the bars seems like a good option. To clarify how the default BikeCAD dimensions translate: X=A and Y=B-C.

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