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Low Pedal Position Tandem

Is it worth trying to fit a design for a foot-forward position step-through tandem (similar to Sun Brickell) in BikeCAD, or would I be better off using a general CAD program?  


One big issue is that seat tubes connect directly to boom tube, and bottom brackets are placed independently along the boom tube (placing the seat tube behind the location of the BB and crank).  


To make matters worse, I'll be adding couplers...


Thanks for any input,


jay b

roulez cycles


Unconventional tandem

BikeCAD is pretty flexible when it comes to how the seat tube attaches to other tubes. For more on this, see: bikecad.ca/offset_tubes. Having said that, I just realized I have not accounted for cases where the seat tube might attach some distance along the boom tube. I will try to address this in the next update.

Meanwhile, couplers are not a problem. You can apply couplers to any tube of the bike. For more, see: bikecad.ca/boxes.


Thanks, Brent.  I'll take a look at the offset_tubes note; I have a feeling in this case I'm going to have to muddle through with my rudimentary TurboCAD skills.  It's a pretty obscure case (and will require similar acrobatics from my frame jig).


Appreciate the help.




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