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Converting specs to BikeCAD sample.


I'm still trying to get my head around BikeCAD Pro. Does anyone have a sample file they can share, that is based on a manufacturer's website?

Even if someone has five minutes to spare, I'd love the dimensions for:


entered into a sample file.

Any other advice would also be appreciated. Thanks Scott 

Translating manufacturers specs to BikeCAD

I've just modeled the Size M Giant Cross City 1 Disc in BikeCAD Pro. I've uploaded the model to bikecad.ca/1531931344721. While dimensions for tube diameters and other finer details are not available, I was able to replicate all the dimensions in Giant's geometry chart shown below. Note that Giant specs this bike with 700 x 32c tires which I would normally assume to be smaller than the 708mm diameter tires I've used. However, since the geometry chart specifies the head angle, the fork offset and the trail, I was able to deduce that Giant is assuming a tire diameter of 708mm as that's the only way to achieve the 69mm trail given a head angle of 71° and a fork offset of 50mm.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks Brent. Has helped

Many thanks Brent. Has helped me greatly. 

Scott :) 

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