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An emphasis on form over function...

Hi everyone,

I'm new to BikeCad, but I've been building odd bikes for a while. I've been wanting to build a bike with an extended rear wheel for a while. I'm sure most people saw "Mayhem" in the Design Archive and figured it was just a design by someone just wanting to have fun with the program, and that no one would seriously build it. lol. Well, here it is... :D Although it's not quite finished yet, I have taken it for a few test runs. When riding it in a straight line, one can forget about the 12 ft long configuration. The length is definitely brought to your attention when you need to take a corner. Still lots of fun to ride though. :) More pics to come when I get it painted.

Long tail

That's one crazy bike! I'm glad to know you found BikeCAD useful in its design. I wish I could try it for myself.

If you're ever in central

If you're ever in central Alberta, msg me and you can try it out. :)

Thanks for making this program. I'm still a noob at using it, but I'm learning. Hmmm.... if only there was an option where we could add extra wheels... :D


Well, it took a while, but here it is... all painted and ready to ride! I may add some LED strip lights for cool effects and greater visibility at night. I cannibalized a few other bikes around my place to put this one together. That kickstand is from a 50s (or earlier) bike. I used electrical conduit for the rear extensions. I needed the chains off of 5 bikes to make one long enough for this frame. Luckily, I have about 175 bikes to get parts from. :)

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