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fender option


I have great difficulty in spotting where is the "Fender" option button.

Can you point me to where is this option as I cannot remove it from the design.

I am currently on V13.0


Thank you in advance and keep up the great work!



In the screen capture below, note the fender icon in the top toolbar. This icon launches the fender dialog box shown in the bottom left corner of the display. The eyeball icon in the dialog box can turn the display of the fenders on and off. However, also notice there are Include checkboxes for the front and rear fenders. It might seem redundant to have both an include checkbox and a display toggle button. However, the idea behind the Include checkbox is to specify whether or not a fender will be included in the design. The display toggle would then allow you to turn the display on or off, because sometimes you want to fenders to be part of your design, but not necessarily show them at all times. Also, notice there is a Display dialog box that also allows you to turn on or off the display of fenders. Finally, you can turn off the display of fenders simply by right clicking on them and choosing Hide from the popup menu. For more, see: bikecad.ca/ease_of_use_improvements_version_10.


Thank you for your great support and avaibility Brent.

I figured out to do a right click on the fenders and "delete" so it is gone.

However I noticed I did not see the Fenders options on my screen.

After some further research I found the option to add/remove them through the "Customize" button on the top left navigation bar.

It is now fixed, thank you.

Fender (Mud Guard) Dialogue Box

Hi Brent.  I really wanted to specify my mud guard width using a dialogue box like the one you show above.  But I can only see clearance above tyre and side coverage.  Has something changed, or is there something I've missed from the customise options?

Thank you very much.


Fender (mud guard) dialog box

I've recently updated this dialog box to include the width dimension. However, there are still a few other things in development, so I have not yet released this update. I hope to have this new version available soon.

Mudguard dialog box--Thanks

Thanks Brent



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