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Cannot export miter templates

I am having trouble creating mitering templates. When I click "Save" on the dialogue box, BikeCAD Pro hangs on me--all of the menu options stop working, i.e., I click on the ribbon items and nothing happens. Unfortunately, I have updated several things since this last worked for me, including the new version of BikeCAD and a new Java build. I have tried rebooting, and that did not change the application's behavior. Here's my setup:

macOS 10.13.6 "High Sierra"

Java 8 build 191

BikeCAD Pro v14.0

Has anyone else noticed this?

Another detail: this is not limited a certain bcad file. I cannot even export the default frame that loads when you start BikeCAD.

Miter templates and PDF's in version 14.0 on a Mac

I'm very sorry about this. I have only recently become aware of this issue and I'm working on a fix. What actually seems to be happening is the miter templates will be created, but it will take a good 10 minutes and the program will be frozen until the save process is complete.

This is only an issue in the Mac version and it affects any operation that generates a PDF file.

I'm determined to have a new version ready soon and I'll post here when it is done. In the meantime, feel free to send me any BCAD files you'd like PDFs for.

Corrected BikeCAD version 14.0 for Macs

I have replaced the latest version of BikeCAD for Macs. If you have already downloaded version 14.0 it is worth downloading it again for quicker saving of PDFs.

Woo-hoo! Back in business!

Thanks, Brent!

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