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Help! Specialized Power Saddle

Hello all:

Does anyone have the measurements for a Specialized Power saddle that they could share?  We design alot of bikes around this saddle and I'm working on one now and don't have an accurate representation of one saved in my BikeCAD.  Of course, I don't have an actual example here either as we're not a Specialized dealer.


Let me know and email or link the file or a design which is using one. Accuracy is appreciated!





I really need these as they are so differnet from other saddles.

Scherrit Knoesen.

The Bike Whisperer Berkshire, UK

Specialized Power Saddle

I don't have a drawing for one of these saddles. Nor do I have an actual saddle in my possession. However, if you do, the following video may help you to capture the critical dimensions for that saddle in BikeCAD: bikecad.ca/saddle_dimensions.

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

Thanks so much, I will have a look.


All the best,


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