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Bikecad pro on Mac OS catalina

Hi, I figured it would be worth asking this in the forum, rather than in a direct email, just so others could potentially benefit from the answer.  My main computer is a mac, and it's running Catalina, which as I understand places some restrictions on software that can be used.  I'm considering taking the plunge and buying Bikecad Pro, but would like to know if it will run on on this computer.  I do have a windows 10 computer, but it's very slow and I only use it for a few programs that don't run on mac, so I would prefer not to use it for bike cad.  

Thanks very much, and I look forward to reading the response!



BikeCAD Pro on Mac OS Catalina

Although I think there are ways around it, it is easier to install applications on Mac OS Catalina that have been "notarized" by Apple. I'm pleased to report that the latest version of BikeCAD Pro is notarized which should make it very easy to install on the latest Mac operating system. Having said that, it will also run on older operating systems right back to 10.7.5. For Macs that are even older than that, there is a universal version that will work as well.

When you purchase BikeCAD Pro, you can install the program on up to three of your own computers. Those computers can be any combination of Mac, PC or Linux machines. If any one of those three computers should need to be retired, you can always login to your account here on BikeCAD.ca and download the latest version onto the replacement computer.

Sweet!  That's great!  Thanks

Sweet!  That's great!  Thanks for the quick reply!

One more reason to take the leap.  

Thanks again.

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