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Watermark or Scale?

Is there a way to add a large watermark or scale a note. My goal is a large label rather than using the text box. 

Watermark or scale

I think of a watermark or a scale as being two very different things. I trust you are aware of the option to display your logo in the title block as described at: bikecad.ca/custom_logo_in_title_block. If  you want to display an image like that outside of the title block, you could likely accomplish that objective by adding an image as described at: bikecad.ca/import_photo. If you simply want to show a note, that can be done as described at: bikecad.ca/adding_notes.

If none of this is quite what you're after, could you mockup a drawing, maybe with a pen or pencil and share it here. I'll try to add that option to the next update.

Thanks Brent. Sounds like

Thanks Brent. Sounds like importing an image will be the way to go.

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