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Shimano Steps electric power system

Below is a screen capture from the as yet unreleased BikeCAD version 12.1. BikeCAD version 12.1 will feature the option to model the Shimano Steps electric power system.

Bafang BBS01/BBS02

It is great to see the Shimano Steps mid drive modelled but this is not a particularly popular mid drive. Would you consider the Bafang BBS01 or slightly different BBS02? Bafang publish drawings of it.

Bafang mid-drive

I would certainly consider adding the Bafang mid-drive. Do you have links to the drawings?

Bafang dimensions and other issues.

That was a fast response.

The dimensions are at https://goo.gl/szR10q on page 7 . Because this motor fits in the bottom bracket we can get most of the dimensions right without actually including the motor in the model. Things like clearance from wheel to motor can not be modelled at present though. It looks to me like you create the components in another CAD package then import them into BikeCad leaving some of the dimensions configurable. It seems a good way to make design as simple as possible but limits flexability a bit.

We are trying to build electric wooden bikes in Indonesia. Our first one that worked is at https://www.flickr.com/photos/81664624@N00/sets/72157645253402435. This was done without CAD. For the next we are designing in BikeCad first with the hope of getting things like chain line correct without trial and error. I can see we should eventually get BikeCad pro but it is quite an outlay for us. The battery doesn't mount well on a circular down tube so we are doing rectangular on the next frame. As fas as I can see we can not do this in BikeCad so I guess the best solution is to draw an oval down tube and then build square.

Like so many others we had trouble getting the applet to work. In windows we got it working with Java plug in and  java build 1.7.0_67-b01. We are using an Amazon cloud machine so we can work on the design and watch from multiple locations. It occured to me one way to make it available to others is to run the applet on your own Amazon cloud machine and let people use it there with remote desktop or VNC. I use a remote desktop extension in a chrome browser or a VNC chrome browser extension. A bit of effort to lock down the machine but it is not a machine you would use for anything else so not too much to damage and easy to delete the machine and create another one. Not an ideal solution but it would be a lot easier than rewriting the code for a different environment which I read is your plan.

Thanks for developing BikeCad.

Bafang dimensions

Thanks for the links and the suggestion regarding running BikeCAD over Virtual Network Computing. I will definitely consider adding the Bafang motor to a future update.

Where did you find the

Where did you find the dimensions for both the motor and the battery? I have been in contact with Shimano to try and model these in Solidworks with no luck!! If you can hook me up with a sketch with dimensions I will be forever grateful!

True Baldwin

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