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toe clearance



 Would it be possible to add a way to calculate toe clearance as specified in EN and ISO standard. Toe clearance

Bicycles shall have at least C clearance between the pedal and front tyre or mudguard (when turned

to any position). The clearance shall be measured forward and parallel to the longitudinal axis of the

bicycle from the centre of either pedal axle to the arc swept by the tyre or mudguard, whichever results

in the least clearance (see Figure 5). The values are given in Table 11

 (see attached image)


This would be a great help to determine minimal front center


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Toe overlap

I trust you'll find the functionality described at: bikecad.ca/toe_overlap useful for this task.

hi Brent,

hi Brent,

If you set the Shoe PT to 89mm you can check visualy for the gap , but is there any way to have the actual measurement from center of the pedal like specified by the ISO standard?

Toe clearance dimension

I will look into adding this as a standard dimension in a future update of BikeCAD. In the meantime, you can add it yourself with a User dimension described at: bikecad.ca/user_dimensions.

+1. It is the same thing I

+1. It is the same thing I asked this week...

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