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BikeCAD free not working


I am trying to use BikeCAD but it does not start working. After selecting a base design in the Design Archive, and clicking on Open Model in BikeCAD, the BikeCAD loading screen appears. I see the Java in the system bar for a while then it disappears. The BikeCAD loading screen then disappears and there is nothing but a blank field.

I am using Firefox 6.0.1. I have NoScript running but I have allowed it to accept BikeCAD website. Help please, thanks.

You're doing it right

I'm sorry that you're having trouble. I have found the same thing happen on occasion. However, if you try again, it should work. I'm trying to understand why Java will occasionally quit before loading is complete, but the lack of a repeatable pattern makes it tough to troubleshoot.

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

I think I was able to fix it. What I did was downloaded Java and this time, BikeCAD got working again. Which is odd because before the new BikeCAD website (i.e., before .ca), I had downloaded the latest version of Java. Unfortunately, when I ran the .com BikeCAD, it was tiny. I thought it was my screen resolution but changing that didn't work.

When BikeCAD migrated from .com to .ca, it couldn't work hence the post above. I downloaded Java again, and that solved my problem.

Must confess though, once it got working over the weekend, I haven't tried it again. I'll check later tonight when I get home if it works on my computer. Over here (office computer, with lower specs), it seems to work....

bikeCAD only half working

i'm running bikecad for the first time on a macbook pro with 10.6 OS and i just updated java. the problem is that alot of the inputs don't effect the drawing. when i change the seat tube diameter nothing changes, if i click on custom, then click back to normal the seat tube changes diameter. also the seat & chain stays wont change either. any help?
thank you

Hit the "Enter" key

Try hitting the "Enter" key after changing a value.

hey thanks, it seems to be

hey thanks, it seems to be all it took.

really cool software. thanks alot

not working again

after doing a software update to 10.6.8 bikecad now hangs up when i open a file in the design archive nothing shows up, blank screen. I reinstalled javaOSX10-1.6 update 5, and it still does the same thing. any help would be great. thanks

Java Update

I'm not sure what's happening there. I can understand the rationale in going back to an older version of Java when the new one doesn't seem to work. However, your case notwithstanding, as a general rule, you should consider it a safe and good idea to update Java as new versions come out. Meanwhile, the minimum requirement for running BikeCAD is Java 1.5.

I will continue to investigate what might be happening in your case.

I just wanted to note that

I just wanted to note that today I was having trouble with the same blank screen symptom when using Firefox 5.0.

I was able to work normally with Internet Explorer 9.0.8

I just upgraded my Java to version 6 update 27 and Firefox 5.0 now seems to be OK.

best regards,

similar issue

also wanted to confirm that in Safari 5.1 on OS 10.7.1 (all upto date) the java applet will rarely load,
Firefox works more consistently though often needs a refresh to get it to load.
It's probably an issue with Apple's implementation of Java.
Working fine once its loaded, thanks.

same issues here. pretty much

same issues here. pretty much a no-go on Chrome or Safari and about a 50/50 on Firefox. If I reload a few times on Firefox is eventually loads and runs fine. Bumped the memory allocation to Java and while the app runs a bit smoother, no change in the hit or miss loading.

I have a similar problem.

I have a similar problem. Using Ubuntu 10.10 and openjdk 6 with firefox and chrome. Hit and miss weather the applet will load.
Using Sun JDK with Chrome greatly increases the chance of the applet loading correctly.
If the applet does fail to load, in Chrome I get a message box popup for an instant which says something about being unresponsive.
If the applet loads everything works fine with either JRE.

Is it possible it is just a long load time which is causing the problem?
Mozilla has a bug report which may be related:


Thanks for the feedback

Detailed feedback like this is very helpful. I think your speculation about Java prematurely quitting when applets take a long time to load could be correct. A couple of points I'd add are that although that issue is discussed on the Mozilla forum, the problem does not seem to be unique to Firefox. Also, I've experimented with caching of files in the Java control panel. The default setting with the PC version of the Sun Java 1.6.0_26 plug-in is to cache files. I would have hoped that once all the required files have been cached after one successful applet launch that subsequent launches would be very reliable. Unfortunately, caching of files doesn't seem to guarantee future success. I suppose even though files may be cached, they still need to be loaded albeit from a local source.



I've been a subscriber for almost 2 months now and have never gotten this to load. I do own an IT computer shop mostly data center stuff, also web design experience (www.hd-computers.com/temp) for my latest creation aiming for a floating web page, and am stumped as to why. It does seem to try if you uninstall all the previous java updates (java has a bad habit of leaving them in and you can quickly have several quote installs. But in the end I still cant get this to run I've tried several computers. My only next step i think is to try your new local server install system. Other ethen that I have no problems buying good useful software, Is there a trail portion so I can finally see what it is?

Thanks again, it looks like it should be a great peace of software.

BikeCAD Quick Start

The free version of BikeCAD is meant to give you a sense of how BikeCAD Pro works. Ideally, everyone would be able to use the free version and there wouldn't be too much need for a trial version of BikeCAD Pro. I'm sorry to hear that a number of people are having trouble using the free version. My current thought is that long load times may be causing Java to quit before the applet can be deployed for some users.

I've just setup another slightly modified version of BikeCAD which does not load as many standard components and therefore may launch more quickly than the default free version of BikeCAD. You can try this new setup by clicking the Quick Start icon in the top menu of this website.

hey hey thx, that seems to

hey hey thx, that seems to have fixed it. cool

thanks again

i`ve tried 30times never works

i have a brand new mac book pro..and
latest software.latest java,latest,safari and the latest firefox..
none of these will load the free version...
cant seem to find out why

Check if you have Java enabled in your browser

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. You've obviously got a lot of perseverance. I trust you've also tried the Quick Start button in the top menu which may deploy more reliably because it loads fewer standard components and therefore loads quicker.

One thing that's worth looking into is the possibility that Java may be installed on your operating system, but not enabled in your browser. You can check if your browser has all the theoretical requirements to run BikeCAD by visiting this page. It would be helpful to me if you could pass along the output from that page.

not working

Continously the program not start... when will be OK??!!

Check if you have Java installed

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. Please check if you have an adequate version of Java installed by visiting this page.

Free Version

Hello Brent,

I've heard good things about BikeCad, congrats!

But the free version needs java plug-ins right? It will not works any more?



Running the free version

Yes, the free version does require a Java plugin. As you may be aware, the Java plugin will not run in Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. However, it will run in Internet Explorer, Safari and the 32 Bit ESR version of Firefox. There is a description of the other hoops you must now jump through to run the free version at: bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security. Fortunately, BikeCAD Pro does not suffer from any of these complications.

Free version

Free version same as quickstart? nothing happens, blank page, cant load from Design archive... Downloaded Java and filled in https...


2hours later... same problem, blank screen, nothing is working :-<


Launching free version

Using the Quick start option is one of a few ways to launch the free version. With Quick start, you don't get to choose your start model as you can by selecting from the design archive. For more, see: bikecad.ca/launching.

When you claim to have filled in https... I'm guessing you mean to say you've added the BikeCAD.ca web site to your Java Exception Site List as described at: bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security. This is important, but also be aware that not all browsers support Java. Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox do not support the Java plugin. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer, Safari and the 32 Bit ESR version of Firefox do support the Java plugin. If you continue to have troubles, let me know what OS and browser you are using and maybe we can get this sorted out.

Pop up window trouble

I'm having troube with the Pop up windows.  When I click on an icon to modify the bike a pop up window will appear (normal).  But as soon as I change any of the data in the fields the same pop up window will appear over the top and offset the first.  Or the background will appear through the pop up.  This makes it impossible to modify any of the data.  I started having this problem after installing the latest version of Java.

Pop up trouble

Here is a pic of what it is doing.

Pop up trouble

I'm sorry to hear about this trouble. I was not able to replicate this issue at my end. What OS and browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser? IE, the 32 Bit ESR version of Firefox and Safari are all worth trying. Fortunately, BikeCAD Pro remains immune to any of these complications.

I'm using Windows 10 and have

I'm using Windows 10 and have been using internet explorer, that seems to be the only browser bike cad will work with.  Would be hard to justify upgrading to the Pro version based on the preformance of the free software.

Free version

As I just said, the free version also works on the 32 bit ESR version of Firefox. Of course, you also have to configure your Java Exception Site List as described at bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security.

I first developed the free version of BikeCAD in 1998. At that time, any browser would run it with no extra steps required. Since then, I have poured my heart into the development of BikeCAD Pro which is a standalone application. Along the way, I have continued to make it available as a Java applet because hundreds of people continue to use the free version. As Java applets become increasingly difficult to run, I am aware that some people will be turned off by the performance of the free version and may shy away from BikeCAD Pro. For this reason, over the past two years, I have split my time between adding new functionality to BikeCAD Pro and developing a new browser based replacement for the free version that will run without a plugin. In the meantime, I hope the fact that I have chosen to continue supporting diehard fans of the free version will be seen as a reflection of my willingness to prioritize people over profits, not an indication that there is anything complicated about the installation and use of BikeCAD Pro.

Blue bike model?

Hi, I've found that whenever I try to open a file from my archive, I end up getting the basic blue road bike model. I deleted a bunch of stuff from my archive yesterday, which seemed to get things working as normal again, but it's reverted back to nothing but the blue bike today.



Any Ideas what might cause this? I'm using IE and not updating Java.



Blue bike model

I just checked out some of your models and they all opened correctly for me. Could you confirm that when you open the model in the free version of BikeCAD, the URL is of the form: https://www.bikecad.ca/applet?model=1495540458880.

The 13 digit number at the end of the URL corresponds to the model you're trying to open. If this model cannot be found in the system, the default blue model will be shown.

I don't believe the version of Java you are running should be a factor here, but for the record, you also shouldn't be afraid to update Java. The latest version should still run fine. I'm using it myself.

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