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Bike Cad Crashes Web Page

I try to run Bike Cad from either Quick Start or Design Archive and it crashes the web page. Any ideas on fix problem?

Ensure you have Java installed

I'm sorry to hear about this. If it's any consolation, since BikeCAD Pro is a standalone application, it does not suffer the same limitations as the free version which must run inside a web browser. However, you should still be able to get the free version running. Not having Java installed would be the most likely explanation. You can test whether or not you have an adequate version of Java installed by going to www.bikecad.ca/java_test.

Bike Cad crash during startup

I have a very similar problem. Did the java test, which says all fine. When starting Bike CAD i get a white box in the middle of the page, which stays there even on diffrent tabs.

The Bike CAD Tab gets unresponsive instantly if i click anywhere on the page


Java plug-in

This thread was started three years ago, but there are more current discussions addressing this issue. I recommend starting with this link.

thanks, got it to work with

thanks, got it to work with old Java Version: 1.7.0_71  and InternetExplorer


i'm sorry but this was the first thread that google showed up

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