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Head tube bottom (Direct) Angle

Hi Brent,

I'm designing a new Jig for my welding tablec cause I sold my old one, and I wonder if you could add the angle of the Head tube bottom (Direct) Dimension? This would help me a lot. Or can it be found somwhere else and I simply din't find it yet?

Thanks Patrick

Head tube bottom direct angle

I created the dimension below using a user dimension, specifically an angular dimension with respect to horizontal. Is this the dimension you'd like available in the list of default dimensions?

Yes, this would be the angle

Yes, this would be the angle I need.

Is there a way to create a user dimension that changes with the frame? I didn't manage to do that.


New fixture dimension

Great. I will plan to add that to the next update of BikeCAD Pro. Unfortunately, I just released BikeCAD version 12.5 recently, so it may be a little while before I have the next version ready to go.

I hope you will be okay using user dimensions until then. As you've pointed out, the downside of those is they don't update as the model changes.

many thanks for that. It will

many thanks for that. It will help me in the future till then I can work with that no need to hurry!

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