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BikeCad.ca Free/Quick Start doesn't load

I am experiencing problems with Quick Start on Chrome, IE, and Edge. Please help??

Launching the free version

Please read the info posted at: bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security. Note that the free version will not run on Chrome or Edge. For more on that, see: bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security#comment-1602.

Okay... I launched the

Okay... I launched the program on Mozilla Firefox. Now, I get a plug-in error. What plug-in does this use, so I that I can enable/install it?

Firefox Extended Support Release

If you want to use Firefox, you'll have to use the 32 Bit ESR version described at: mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/faq. Once you've got that, you'll need the Java plugin available from Java.com. For more details please read: bikecad.ca/java_1.8_security.

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