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Head tube length



I'm having reall trouble trying to set the length of my head tube. The way it is represented visually doesn't seem to add up with the actual dimensions i print out. Also something is wrong with the way i've input my forks and headset. What am i doing wrong? I have a 130mm ht. I dont understand what the 110mm value in bikecadpro represnts.

Thanks for your help, i'm sure its something quite basic.


Head tube length

I think the main source of confusion is the display of the phase blocks in this view. For more on this, see: bikecad.ca/phase_blocks.

For more on controlling head tube length, see: bikecad.ca/toptube_frontcenter.

Also, while you can normally control the extension of the head tube above and below the top tube and down tube in two different ways as described at: bikecad.ca/tube_extension, because you've got a curved down tube, you will only be able to control extensions with respect to the intersections of the tube centerlines.

head tube

Thanks Brent,

I thought i'd tried everything and still couldn't figure it out. 

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