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Replacing dimension labels

I have a schematic on which I would like to replace the dimensions values with letters. Is there a way to replace or modify the dimension values?

Symbolic dimension values

You can toggle between the display of numeric and symbolic dimensions using this toggle button Numeric vs symbolic dimensions in the Dimensions dialog box. This is explained at the 2:15 mark of the video at: bikecad.ca/dimensions_dialog. If the default symbolic dimension name is not what you want to show, you can create a user dimension and give it the name that you want.

Got it Brent. Thanks a ton

Got it Brent. Thanks a ton

I'm using v13.0 and there are

I'm using v13.0 and there are no sliders for either the user defined dimensions or the standard dimensions. Is that feature new to 14 or can I turn them on somewhere?

Moving dimensions

No. Those sliders were removed when the option to simply drag the dimensions on the screen using the mouse was added. This is shown at the 0:42 mark of the video tutorial at: bikecad.ca/dimensions_dialog.

I would also suggest you update to the latest version just to stay current, but I hope to have yet another version out very soon, so I won't pressure you too much at this point.

That's how I normally do it.

That's how I normally do it. But it seems on the user defined dimensions it won't let me drag them like it will with the standard dimensions.

Moving user dimensions

This is not an issue in the new version of BikeCAD. However, I believe in older versions of BikeCAD, you had to save the user dimension first before you could drag it. Have you saved the user dimension that you're trying to drag?

Yes I have. And I've named it

Yes I have. And I've named it. I will upgrad to 14 and see if that fixes the issue. I'll let you know.

OK, I upgraded to 14 and it

OK, I upgraded to 14 and it allows me to drag the dimension. I'm all set. Thanks!

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