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bug - when a color is set, the button text is no longer visible

unfortunately I can't attach a screen capture as this would explain the problem better

In the colors form there are dozens of items which can have their color customized.

When I change the color of an item from default, the button text eg. saddle or frame or spoke, turns to a shade of white which is so similar to the button color that its almost impossible to discern the text any longer.

I'm sure at one stage the button color changed to the customized color, but now they are all just a creamy color.

I'm running Windows XP SP3 with fairly old graphics card, using plain uncustomized Windows color theme, can't think of any other color/ graphics related problems.

Color buttons

In some graphical user interface themes, the background color of a button can be changed. BikeCAD uses this functionality with the buttons that control the colours of the various bicycle components. When darker colours are chosen, BikeCAD will change the text colour on the button to white so that it will contrast with the background colour. In the Mac GUI, only the outline of the button can be changed. BikeCAD recognizes this, and does not change the button text colour.

I only recently became aware that the Windows theme also does not allow for the changing of button colours. I have accounted for this in the next update of BikeCAD as you can see in the sample image below. The next update will be out before the end of this month. Until then, I would suggest switching the GUI theme to something other than Windows. There is info on changing the GUI theme here.

GUI Theme Color Button Examples

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